Tom Butynski

Dr. Thomas M. Butynski 
Senior Conservation Biologist 
Zoo Atlanta's Africa Biodiversity Conservation Program 
P.O. Box 24434 Nairobi, 

- PhD, 1978, Wildlife Ecology, Michigan State University. Dissertation title: Ecological Studies on the Springhare, Pedetes capensis, in Botswana. 
- 1993-present: Vice-Chairman for Africa - IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group, Africa Section. 
- 1995-present: Senior Editor - African Primates - The Newsletter of the Africa Section of the IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group. 
- 1998-present: Co-Editor - The Mammals of Africa, a series of 5 volumes, Academic Press. 
- 1991-93: Co-Director: Institute of Tropical. Forest Conservation (Uganda). 
- 1986-93: Director: Impenetrable Forest Conservation Project (Uganda). 

recent publications
about 90 publications, some recent ones are: 
Butynski, T.M. 1997. African primates: The species and the IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group network. Primate Conservation 17: 87-100. 

Butynski, T.M., Ehardt, C.L. & Struhsaker, T.T. 1998. Notes on two dwarf galagos (Galagoides udzungwensis and Galagoides orinus) in the Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania. Primate Conservation 18: 69-75. 

Butynski, T.M. & Kalina, J. 1998. Gorilla tourism: A critical look. Pages 294-313 in E.J. Gulland-Milner & R. Mace, Eds. Conservation of Biological Resources. Blackwell Scientific Publishers, Oxford. 

Butynski, T.M. & Kalina, J. 1998. Is gorilla tourism sustainable? Gorilla Journal 16: 15-19. 

Butynski, T.M., Schaaf, C.D. & Hearn, G.W. In press. Status and conservation of duikers and other ungulates on Bioko Island (Fernando Poo), Equatorial Guinea. In: Duikers and Rainforests of Africa, V. Wilson (ed.). 

Butynski, T.M. With editors. Africa's great apes: An overview of current taxonomy, distribution, numbers, conservation status, and threats. In: M. Hutchins & T. Stoinski, Eds. Title not yet decided. Smithsonian Institute Press. 

current projects
- Conservation of the Endangered Endemic Primates of the Udzungwa Mountains.
1997-present. Sanje mangabey, Gordon's red colobus, Matundu dwarf galago, and mountain (Amani) dwarf galago. Co-Project Leader with Dr. Carolyn Ehardt and Dr. Tom Struhsaker. In collaboration with NPRG. Previous funding from Margot Marsh Biodiversity Fund and WWF-Tanzania. New proposal submitted for Phase II funding. 

- Conservation Status of the Bonobo (Pan paniscus) and Large Mammals in the Salonga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo. 
1999. Co-project Leader with Dr. Gay Reinartz and Inogwabini Bila-Isia. I will gather information on the distribution, abundance and natural history of galagos in the course of this fieldwork. In collaboration with NPRG. Funding from several sources, including AZA Conservation Endowment Fund. 

- Vol. I of Mammals of Africa will present detailed profiles on all of continental Africa's prosimians. 1999. I am the Senior Editor of this volume. Several members of the NPRG will write most of the prosimian species profiles for this volume.

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