Lesley Ambrose

Lesley Ambrose
Department of Anthropology 
School of Social Sciences & Law
Oxford Brookes University 
Gypsy Lane 
Oxford OX3 0BP 


September 1992: BSc (Hons) Environmental Biology/Anthropology, Class 2:1, Oxford Brookes University.

September 1992 to September 1994: Research Assistant to Dr. S. K. Bearder specialising in acoustic analysis, Oxford Brookes University.
Three months field work in Gabon in 1993.

September 1994 to October 1999: PhD from Oxford Brookes University "Species Diversity in West and Central African Galagos (Primates, Galagonidae): The Use of Acoustic Analysis"

current projects:

Field work in Gabon, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea (Bioko Island) and Ivory Coast.

Species studied: Galago alleni, Euoticus elegantulus, E. pallidus, Galagoides thomasi, G. demidoff

Funded by a Research Development grant from Oxford Brookes University.


Ambrose, L. and Bearder, S. K. (1998). Identifying primate species from their calls. Abstract, Folia Primatol. 69 (suppl. 1): 389-393

Ambrose, L. and Perkin, A. W. (In press). A survey of nocturnal prosimians at Moca, Bioko Island. Afr. Primates.

Ambrose, L. and Bearder, S. K. (In prep).Vocalizations and biogeography of dwarf galagos (Galagoides thomasi, Elliot 1907; Galagoides demidoff, Fischer 1806) in West and Central Africa. Sent to Int. J. Primatol.

Ambrose, L., Perkin, A. W. and Bearder, S. K. (In prep).Three “acoustic forms” of Allen’s galagos (Primates, Galagonidae) in the Central African region.

Anderson, M. K., Ambrose, L. Bearder, S. K., Dixson, A. F. and Pullen, S. (In prep.).Variability in the vocalizations and volar hand pad morphology of Southern (Galago moholi) and Northern (G. senegalensis) lesser galagos. Sent to Int. J. Primatol.

Bearder, S. K., Honess, P. E. and Ambrose, L. (1995). Species diversity in galagos with special reference to mate recognition, In: Alterman, L. Izard, M. K. and Doyle, G. A.(eds.) Creatures of the Dark: the Nocturnal Prosimians. Plenum Press, New York, pp. 331-352.

Bearder, S. K., Honess, P. E. Bayes, M. K., Ambrose, L and Anderson M. J. (1996). Assessing galago diversity - A call for help. Afr. Primates 2 (1): 11-15.

Wickings, E. J., Ambrose, L. and Bearder, S. K. (1998). Sympatric populations of Galagoides demidoff and G. thomasi in the Haut Ogooué region of Gabon. Folia Primatol. 69 (suppl. 1): 389-393

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