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The study of night animals has always been a challenging one for the naturalist. Their dark world is unknown and difficult to probe as the depths of the sea. Its investigation demands unusual methods, much labour and patience and a carefully governed imagination.

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Here are brief profiles of each member of the Nocturnal Primate Research Group. You can check out what they are doing in the field, as well as having a look at the group's publications. There is also the opportunity to contact all the members of the group by e-mail. Most also have an e-mail address while out in the field!
Lesley Ambrose
Mat Anderson
Michelle Bayes
Simon K. Bearder
Michelle Becker
Mike Bruford
Thomas M. Butynski
Alan Dixson
Falk Grossmann
Paul E. Honess
Helen Lantsbury
K. Anna I. Nekaris
Andrew Perkin
Elizabeth Pimley
Samantha Pullen
Diana Roberts
Nadine S. Svoboda
Chris Wild