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Galago Species: Fact Files
This is just a start to incorporate most known Galago species in a fact-file with all information you need for each species at a glance.

The information in these fact files is a summary of a number of papers, all of which can be found in the groups publications. In the near future, fact files for all species of gagalgos so far recognised shall be added.

Should you require more information on any of these species, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the NPRG, who will be happy to help.

Calls are available for each species in the respective fact files.

These are either available in *.wav or *.mp3 format. The *.wav files take longer to load, however *.mp3-files require you to have an mp3-player (e.g., winamp or XMMS). You can download one here (for Windows or UNIX) for free.

Galagoides senegalensis

Galagoides moholi

Galagoides demidoff

Galagoides thomasi

Otolemur crassicaudatus

Otolemur garnetti